Q: When is my oil change due and what does 15% oil life mean?

A: Most people often neglect there oil changes since time to get service done is hard to come by. The great feature of newer cars is the pre oil change reminder helps at aiding oil change service. The reminder is not that you have only 15% of oil quantity, it’s 15% of milage left till the due time line. So done panic but start scheduling the service since we could be backed up a couple of weeks or more.

Q: How do I know when i need brakes?

Noise is the first sign of something happening. Most cars have the morning noise that only happens as the first back out or first drive off, then quite the rest of the day. The other noise is a high pitched screeching sound that lingers after you release the brake then might go away till next time brake pedal is applied. Some brake pads have a metal tab that is designed to scrape against the rotor as a reminder the pads are due for changing.

Brake wear sensor light on dash, equipped on most german cars. The point of this sensor is to turn on a dash light to remind you brakes are due soon. The sensor needs to be replaced since its a one time use part. The rotor actually cuts the sensor thus opening a circuit for the brake monitoring system to know when to turn on the light. Some cars only have one sensor for the front pair of pads and one for the rear set of pads. So if the side without a sensor equipped system, you might encounter grinding sound. Certainly this is not the best case failure but I don’t know when a good failure is.

Shaking when braking, this is usually caused by a warped rotor. They can be damaged from excessive heat and or rapid cooling. I have seen just time to be the cause too. The rotor goes through thousand of heat cycles and the metal is constantly changing its shape and eventually the shape is not flat. The warped rotor will wear down the pads and cause squeaking noise that could be heard as a pulsing sound.

Pulling to one side when braking. This can be from hardware damage, lack of lube or stuck caliper. The caliper is the part that squeezes the rotor with the aid of the pads as a friction material to stop the car. They only move a small amount every time the brake pedal is pressed. So they lube can dry out or fail from heat or water. The typical oil service is not going to help at finding these problems or lubing these parts. The disassembly of the brake system would need to be done to find and fix these problems. Certainly once the problem is felt and the sooner its addressed. The repair will cost the least.

Q: Do you replace tires?

A: At this point we are not replacing tires. We do plug tires if an object is found and can be removed. Some cases if the puncher is at the edge of the tire then we can’t plug the tire since it’s considered unsafe.

Q: Do you perform alignments?

No since the tool to do this correctly is larger than you car. We will get the vehicle is a close to aligned state after replacing steering or chassis components. The use of a take measure can be quite helpful at getting most alignment angles close to spec. I would recommend alignments done at a shop that has there equipment on a maintenance schedule for calibration.  

Q: Do you have a shop?

No we are strictly mobile and only work at your location. My address is my mailing location only. We cover a large Palm Beach county area and do have limits on how far we travel. Yes I do cover the northern part of Broward county too.

Q: Do you do body work?

No but will install parts that are considered body work items. Like lights, fenders, hoods, spoilers, door handles and bumper. But if these parts require paint then best to see a body shop then have them perform the paint and install. 

Q: Can you install my parts?

Yes as long as you understand we can’t cover the warranty since we didn’t purchase the item. Warranty is only held with the purchaser. So its not a problem for us just be sure you have the correct part. Since if we have to come to you and if you part is not a correct match then we could have to charge you a service call fee. For travel time and fuel cost.

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